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An Introductory Profile Of Paul Marciano

When it comes to the top American philanthropists, Paul Marciano is in the list. Although Paul Marciano was born in Morocco, he is a well-established fashion designer and businessperson or investor in America. Marciano was born in 1952 in Debdou, Morocco. He is one of the cofounders of Guess clothing company and through his black-and-white advertisements, the company has won multiple Clio Awards. Basically, the company was founded and run by the four Marciano brothers namely Paul, Georges, Maurice, and Armand.

Marseilles, France was the place where Paul grew at or rather spent his early childhood days and years. This makes it possible for Paul to have three nationalities, American, French and Moroccan. Paul has four siblings, the three brothers and one sister, Jacqueline. His great grandfather, grandfather and father were rabbis and this affirms that Paul was born into a staunch Jewish family. Eclaireurs Israelites de France was a boy scout group that Paul was part and parcel when growing up.

Paul’s early life was full of discouraging moments as at the age of fifteen, he was involved in a tragic motorbike accident. The accident involved a head on collision with a vehicle which contributed to Paul’s incapability to walk hence being attached to a wheelchair for months; at least 7 months. The accident made things worse for Paul as the doctors predicted that he won’t manage to use his legs again. It took a year and a half of total dedication for Paul to eventually walk again and this contributed to the rejection he experienced whenever he tried continuing his studies as there was no school ready to welcome him again. This contributed to his travel to Israel where he lived in a Kibbutz.

The first Marciano Company was called MGA (Maurice Georges Armand) and it’s where Paul worked in his early life. They had shops all over French Rivera. In 1977, Paul, Armand, Maurice and Georges took a trip to southern California. This developed appreciation for California instilled an opportunity for the Marciano brothers to relocate to California after the political changes in France that surfaced in 1981. The brothers established an MGA company in Beverly Hills where they later on established the world famous and integral clothing company; Guess. For years, Paul has played an integral role for Guess company and has been holding vital positions even CEO.

Paul was first married to Kymberly who was both a photographer and model. Kymberly and Paul had two children Nicolai and Ella and immediately after Ella was born, they divorced. Later on, Paul met and married Mareva Georges a French Model and they have two kids Ryan and Gia. This family lives in Los Angeles today.

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